June 6, 2018

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Ford Ranchero

The time has come for us to revisit one of our favourite brands and take a look at a vehicle from its past. Today, we are going to take a look at the Ford Ranchero.

Launched in 1957, couple utility vehicle was quite unique, due to the fact that it was created from Ford’s sedans. This resulted in the car’s shape differing greatly from a standard pickup truck.

The car’s styling gave it character and made it stand out among its rivals, which in part was responsible for the Ranchero’s success.

Upon launch, the car was marketed as a pickup truck even though it was much sleeker and slightly smaller than your average pickup. The Ford Ranchero did however have a higher cargo capacity that the F-Series pickup, for example.

Powered by a variety of different engines, the car came with a lot of extras available, meaning customers had the option to make the Ranchero unique based on their preferences.

The second generation Ranchero was introduced in 1960. The car became smaller in size and numerous styling changes were made.

Smaller vehicles were quite popular at the time, therefore the brand though it would be a good idea to make necessary changes to the Ranchero in order to make it more appealing to potential customers.

In 1966, the third generation Ford Ranchero was launched. It only remained in production for a year, however it introduced a number of new features to the Ranchero. Its styling received praise from critics as the car looked bold and sleek.

The fourth generation came in 1968. For the first time since the first generation was introduced, the Ranchero grew in size. It once again became a full-size car.

Over the next decade the car went through a number of facelifts and makeovers. By the late 1970’s the Ranchero was a completely different vehicle. It looked much different to the 1957 original, however it offered just as much.

The Ranchero was a great alternative for those looking for something slightly smaller and better-looking than the average pickup truck. It offered just as much performance-wise and proved to be an extremely comfortable and practical car.

Around 508,000 units of the Ranchero are believed to have been produced throughout the car’s production run.

Are you a fan of the Ford Ranchero? Do you think you would ever consider purchasing one if you had the money? Tell us what you think.

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