November 12, 2018

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Mercedes-AMG C63

Mercedes- AMG C63

The god-like Mercedes- AMG C63 combines exhilarating performance with quality in an everyday useable package. There are not many cars out there that can match the character of the Mercedes- AMG C63 and its driving skills. With the vast V8 soundtrack and remarkable performance and secure handling. The Mercedes- AMG C63 forces you to savour every moment. This is not cheap to buy or run, but when purchasing this car your buying with your heart, not your head.To get your hands on one of these superb cars, the price starts at around £63,000. While the coupe is an additional £500 and the estate is about £600 more, and the Cabriolet convertible is £4,000 premium. The S versions are around £7k more than the standard C63.

The 4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 is a mechanical masterpiece. It does not only just deliver pounding performance its reinforced with a thunderous soundtrack that adds to the cars hugely engaging and enthusiastic character Also backed with its excellent handling, and the ride isn’t great, but the C63 provides excellent composure. There are also many tweaks for personalisation. With the throttle, gearbox and suspension settings can all be changed independently.

The first C63 came with a large 6..2-litre naturally aspirated V8, but today this has been replaced with a more fuel efficient 4 litre. The 4-litre twin turbo V8 is just as powerful and comes in two options with either 496bp and 650nm or 503bhp and 700nm in the C63 S. As before the C63 is available as a four-door saloon, a practical estate, two-door coupe or a fabric roof cabriolet. These are all available in standard and the S-edition.  All come with rear-wheel drive and a seven-speed auto gearbox.

The sound of the Mercedes- AMG C63 is addictive, and its performance is explosive, but there is much more to it than straight line pace. There fully selectable driving modes which allow you to adjust the steering, throttle response and suspension stiffness. Mercedes also offers kits like sports exhaust which allows the V8 engine to breath better. Even additional carbon ceramic brakes.

Mercedes-AMG C63

AMG C63 Performance

The Mercedes-AMG C63 comes packed with outstanding performance. Although even if you miss the C63’s power bulges in the bonnet, quad exit exhaust and flared wheel arches. You won’t be able to ignore the V8 soundtrack.

The 4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 delivers 469bhp and 650nm of torque in the standard C63. While the S-edition increases these figures to 503bhp and 700nm. As you can imagine this translates into explosive performance. Unreal traction off the line and blasts from 0-60mph in just 4.9 seconds. The C63 S twin-clutch transmission responds crisply with manual gear change requests and is a lot smoother when left to its own in auto mode.

As you can expect the Mercedes C63 isn’t cheap to run. Although the C63 does attempt to minimise the impact on your wallet. This is because of the downsized engine to 4-litre and adopting technology from Mercedes such as stop-start. Also, Mercedes have managed to decrease the number of emissions produced. With a shocking fuel economy of 34.5mpg. Although these figures are almost identical to the smaller engined BMW M3. Of course, you must drive with a feather-light right foot to achieve these fuel figures, yet the reduced C02 emission swill makes the C63 a far more cost-effective choice for business users.

Mercedes-AMG C63

Mercedes Interior and Practicality

Mercedes has taken a subtle approach to the design of the C63 AMG, and at a glance, you might struggle to tell it apart from the standard car. Despite that, if you look close, you will spot the deeper from the bumper. Which comes from the more extensive E63. The subtly flared wheel arches and the well renowned prominent quad exit exhaust.

Other noticeable features are the V8 BiTurbo badges on the front wings and the powerful all LED headlamps. The standard versions come with 18-inch alloys. Whereas the S-edition comes with more noticeable with the 19-inch wheels and red brake callipers. Overall, the C63 doesn’t show off its potential as much as the more aggressive looking BMW M3., but for customers, this less show off approach will be a benefit. Although the Coupe is far less subtle and looks a lot more aggressive. Which matches more with the BMW for a visual punch.

Inside the C63 is a thick-rimmed three-spoke steering wheel complete with gearshift paddles. With the bespoke AMG instrument cluster and a pair of sports seats. Inside the rest of the cabin is more C-class, which has a slick design and elegant detailing and top notch fit and finish. Which is heavily influenced by flagship S-class with that premium appeal which Audi and BMW struggle to match. The Mercedes-AMG C63 is as every bit practical as a standard C-class. There is more than enough room for passengers there only problem would be sat in the middle which is lacking legroom because of the vast transmission. Everywhere else like side bins, the glove box is all very roomy and deep with cupholders dotted around the cabin. The boot is a well -shaped 480-litre boot.


Mercedes-AMG C63

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