June 6, 2018

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Tesla Model X 60 D

Tesla Model X 60 D – an entry-level electric SUV

Tesla has just announced the new Model X 60 D, which the brand says is a cheaper alternative to the popular Model SUV.

There’s no denying that Tesla is the market leader, when it comes to electric vehicles. It was able to achieve in a short period of time, what many manufactures could only dream of.

Having launched a number of affordable all-electric cars, Tesla has decided to introduce something even cheaper.

The new entry-level Model X 60 D, is an alternative to the Model X SUV. It offers nearly as much performance-wise and it’s perfect for someone looking to spend less money.

The time of expensive electric cars is over. With their rise in popularity started a new era, one allowing manufacturers to offer customers decent electric cars for less money.

Since, Tesla has always stood by its aim of providing affordable electric cars to the masses, it’s no surprise that it would introduce a cheaper model of one of its cars. It’s great to see that it’s sticking to the promise, by continuously outdoing itself, with each vehicle that it brings out.

The Tesla Model X 60 D is not the most extravagant of cars, but it offers just as much as any other entry-level SUV currently on the market.

What makes it truly special is its impeccable design that showcases just how talented Tesla designers are at mixing elegance with sportiness and style.

Having the right balance is key to creating an appealing vehicle, and so far Tesla has proven itself to be a serious contender when it comes to that.

The Model X60 D sports a pair of gull-wing doors, which add a little character and make it seem a lot more high-end than it actually is. Perhaps not the most practical, many people like their aesthetic, so the vehicle definitely won’t struggle to find its buyers.

It’s a solid SUV that comes at a reasonable price of £64,100. Perhaps it’s not the most high-end of cars, but it does what it says, and it does it well.

What are your thoughts on the new Tesla Model X60 D? Are you a fan of the SUV, or do you prefer other Tesla models? Let us know your thoughts and come back soon for more interesting articles about carmakers and their vehicles.


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