June 6, 2018

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volkswagen beetle 1978

There are many vehicles produced over the years that are now considered iconic. Take the Land Rover Defender, for example. It remained in production for over 30 years and during that time it became so popular that when production of it ended, hundreds gathered outside the factory to witness the last of their beloved Defenders roll of the production line.

The vehicle that we are going to look at today is considered by many to be iconic. Is it as iconic as the Defender? Probably so, it’s even more popular than out favourite off-roader if we’re being honest. It’s a vehicle that started it all. A vehicle that launched Volkswagen and transformed the industry as a whole. If that doesn’t convince you that the Beetle should be referred to as an icon then we don’t know what will.

Before we go into any specific details about the vehicle itself, we’re going to take a look back at the car’s rich and intriguing history that goes all the way back to the early 1930’s.

In 1934, Adolf Hitler ordered the development of Volkswagen, which basically translates to “people’s car”. The car that eventually became known as the Beetle was that vehicle.

It took four years for the Beetle to be developed as it eventually entered production in 1938. The vehicle quickly became popular with customers selling nearly 21,600,000 units between 1938 and 2003.

Following the Second World War, the future of Volkswagen was uncertain, however the brand managed to bounce back with the Beetle remaining its most popular model after the war.

Although many things changed about the Beetle throughout the years, its iconic shape has remained unchanged. It’s what made the vehicle popular, which is why it was important that it kept it. It wouldn’t really be a Beetle without the familiar styling.

The vehicle was also available as a convertible for a while. Around 330,000 were built throughout its production run.

What made the Beetle special was the fact that it was built for people with functionality, ease of use and comfort in mind. It was a reliable car that people felt really strongly about.

It remained in production from 1938 until 2003 and it proved very popular with customers making it a true icon.

You can still purchase a Beetle today as many remain in existence, however how much you’ll have to pay will entirely depend on the vehicle itself, its condition as well as the Beetle’s value at the time of purchase.

volkswagen beetle 3

How do you feel about the Beetle? Is it a vehicle that you could see yourself driving? Let us know as we love hearing from you and if you have any ideas or suggestions drop us a line.

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