December 11, 2018

Assessing The Quality Of Cars

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How To Change Windscreen Wipers

How To Change Your Windscreen Wiper Blades

How To Change Your Windscreen Wipers Windscreen wipers are a necessary safety feature in any car. Although the problem with them is that they do not last forever, they need replacing every few years. The rubber blades dry out over time due to use and the sun. How can you identify when you need new […]

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Mercedes-AMG C63

The Mercedes- AMG C63!

Mercedes- AMG C63 The god-like Mercedes- AMG C63 combines exhilarating performance with quality in an everyday useable package. There are not many cars out there that can match the character of the Mercedes- AMG C63 and its driving skills. With the vast V8 soundtrack and remarkable performance and secure handling. The Mercedes- AMG C63 forces you to savour every […]

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Aston Martin DB11

The New Aston Martin DB11 V8

The Aston Martin DB11 The new Aston Martin DB11 comes with a new smaller engine and minor suspension tweaks which makes it sweeter than its big brother V12. Everyone may be interested in Aston Martin new Vantage, but silently rolling down the line is the new 4 litre V8 powered DB11. This is the first Aston Martin to […]

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Audi RS6

New 2017 Audi RS6 Avant Review

Audi RS6 Introduction The new 2017 Audi RS6 comes with all-wheel drive, a more clever option of a V8 instead of a V10 engine. The Audi has better balance and more thought out use of resources.To get your hands on one of these will cost around £80,175 – £87,090 depending on the specification you want […]

Mercedes AMG GLC 43 Coupe 2016

Mercedes AMG GLC 43 Coupe 2016

The Paris Motor Show will be bringing lots of new information about the biggest and best cars in the industry. So make sure to keep an eye out on more of these new models popping up all over the place. This is the newest car to join the latest Mercedes AMG flagship with its increasing […]

Caterham Seven Sprint – A modern classic

Caterham Seven Sprint – A modern classic

Caterham Cars has just revealed a new model, the Seven Sprint, inspired by the brand’s classic models. If you’re a fan of classic cars, the new Caterham Seven Sprint could be the car for you. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the brand decided to produce a limited-edition model reminiscent of its classic vehicles. Read more […]

Kia Rio

Kia Rio Supermini

Cars are constantly being reimagined and redesigned to fit a certain better purpose or to simply just be better in what they do overall. One of the newest models to support this claim is the Kia Rio Supermini with its reinvented exterior and interior. Replacing the previous design, the new Kia Rio supermini is wider, […]

Tesla Model X 60 D

Tesla Model X 60 D

Tesla Model X 60 D – an entry-level electric SUV Tesla has just announced the new Model X 60 D, which the brand says is a cheaper alternative to the popular Model SUV. There’s no denying that Tesla is the market leader, when it comes to electric vehicles. It was able to achieve in a […]

Ford Flex

Ford Flex – Affordable Mid-Sized SUV

It’s time to look at yet another SUV – the Ford Flex to be precise. Although most of you are probably getting tired of constantly hearing about SUV’s in the media, there’s a reason for that. The SUV market is currently booming and they’re in very high demand. To help you better understand, which ones […]


Volvo V40 (2012-present) – quick overwiev

When it comes to small family cars, Volvo definitely knows what it’s doing. Having always placed great focus on safety, the brand is often what comes to mind when thinking about car safety. Much like its predecessors, the Volvo V40 is a fantastic example of what a compact family car should be. It’s just the […]