June 6, 2018

Assessing The Quality Of Cars

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Mercedes-Benz is a world-renowned manufacturer known for the level of luxury that it offers its customers as well as its attention to detail. Vehicles produced by the brand have long associated with elegance and luxury, which is what we are going to focus on today.

The Mercedes-Benz 600 launched in 1963. It was a high-end sedan that remained in production until 1981 and proved quite popular with customers.

Although Mercedes has produced numerous luxury cars over the years, the 600 was perhaps the most luxurious of them all. It looked incredible and the level of comfort that it offered was unlike any other.

Powered by a 6.3-litre M100 V8 engine, the car also offered a smooth and hassle-free driving experience, which was part of the whole luxury package.

Although it was a sedan it was also available as a four-door Pullman limousine as well as a six-door limousine.

The car was extremely popular with celebrities and the super-rich. It was owned by a number of famous owners including the likes of John Lennon and Elvis Presley.

Around 2,677 units of the 600 are believed to have been produced over the years, with as many as 2,190 of them being saloons.

The 600 is a great example of a luxury car that had it all. It came as a package, with every last aspect of it offering something unique and extraordinary. Everything from the car’s fantastic styling to its incredible performance worked together as a whole, which as result made the car feel like a complete package rather than just a car that was thrown together in a factory somewhere.

Although the car has been discontinued back in 1981, it remains very popular with enthusiasts and collectors today. Its rarity means however, that if you wanted to buy one today, you’d have a very hard time finding and even then it would probably cost you a lot.

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