November 12, 2018

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Damaged Tyres

When is it time to change your tyres?

It is best ideally to fit your car with identical tyres in twos.

Always change your tyres in fours or twos. This is essential that the tyres on the same axel are as identical as possible. The same brand, tread pattern & dimensions this is so the car does not feel unbalanced. Another is always to try and use the same dimensions which are approved by the vehicle manufacturer, try to keep modifications to a minimal or seek a professional.

When getting new tyres always fit the latest to the rear axle to reduce losses of grip. Grip loss is a lot more difficult to control at the rear. No matter if you are in a front, rear or all wheel drive car. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.5 mm across the width of the tread.

We recommend that you respect the sizes that are approved by your vehicle manufacturer. Although, it is still possible to change the size of your tyes fitted to your vehicle we recommend visiting a professional.

If your tyres are that damaged I’m sure car buying companies will still buy your car from you.

Damaged Tyres

Most Common Reasons To Change Your Tyres

So, I am going to give you a brief idea of some of the most common reasons to change your tyres. While a tyre can be repairable in some instances before any repair, it must be carefully checked by a professional. Only then they can determine whether it has sustained any internal damage. A tyre has to be removed before you can judge it’s condition accurately.

The Tyre Gets Punctured 

Tyres get punctured occasional and are something that is hard to avoid. If they get punctured, they must be carefully examined by a professional. Then only they can ensure that the inner tube within has not sustained any damage that makes the tyre irreparable.

The Age 

It is difficult to specify how long a tyre can be used for. This does not depend on when they are manufactured. Some that have not been used much or at all can still show signs of ageing, and several factors can affect the lifespan of tyres like storage, weather condition and usage conditions. There is a lot more to it then you would think. Each of these factors can considerably affect the lifespan.

Damaged Tyres

Damaged Tyres

Damaged tyres are common as well. Any potholes kerbs can do severe damage to tyres. Any cuts or slashes within the tyre must be carefully checked off by professionals. Only then can they decide if it is repairable. A general rule is that you should never drive with a damaged tyre that has run flat without seeing a professional. This is a safety rule because only when the tyre has been removed can they determine whether it has internal damage.

Abnormal Wear

Wear and tear are typical, but abnormal tread wear is worse. This can be noticed in patches or the centre, and this is often because of mechanical problems. This could be balancing, misalignment, suspension or even transmission problems. This could also be the result of improper tyre pressure. Contact professionals if you think there is something wrong with yours.

Damaged Tyres


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